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Fructose-free margarita!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:51 pm    Post subject: Fructose-free margarita!  Reply with quote

8 months fructose-free now.  I have (thankfully) been yearning-free for many months, but the mince pies over Christmas did call to be a bit (unsuccessfully!) and I also miss the Margaritas I used to make for me and my wife on holidays.  This was made with tequila, triple sec, freshly-squeezed lime juice, lime cordial and water.  This was then "granita'd" - put in the freezer and regularly whisked until it became an icy sludge, then poured into well-chilled glasses.  They went down very well and packed a very pleasant alcoholic punch!  However, given the ingredients it packed quite a sugar punch too.  Triple sec in particular, I discovered, has a lot of sugar in it.  

After a few experiments and a bit of research, I have devised a very simple fructose-free alternative that I would like to share.  One part tequila, one part Grand Marnier, one part water and the zest off of a few limes.  I put all of these together and blast them in a blender to reduce the lime zest strands to tiny bits to let all of the limey flavours out. It also gives you the yellowy-green tint you get in normal Margaritas.  I also add a single drop of 100% stevia just to take the edge off.  I then put it in the freezer and just let it freeze.  No need to stir it as it freezes using the 1:1:1 ratios in this recipe - the alcohol content is such that it does not freeze solid, just into a smooth sludge.  I still blast it with a hand blender at the end just to make it silky smooth.  

According to my research, both tequila and Grand Marnier have no sugar in them, despite the former being made from agave!  Lime zest too has no material sugar in it, unlike of course lime juice.  

The result is of course nowhere near as sweet as the normal Margaritas are - it is a much more "grown-up" drink, if I can put it that way.  But the lime / tequila flavour is just the same, and the Grand Marnier seems to do a great job in replacing the orangey element of the triple sec.  The freezing / granita process also lets you get away with making the drink very strong.  However, if you don't add water it won't freeze at all - it just goes syrupy.  On the other hand, if you add more water than in this recipe, it will freeze solid unless you whisk it occasionally as it freezes (as per the usual granita process).  

I only drink very rarely these days, and when I do I want it to count - and this drink does!  Even my (non-sugarquitting) wife goes for this recipe now instead of the old one!


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