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Sugar-free fruit spread
Vegetarianism and the fructose free diet
WARNING : long first post!
Best Uses of Organic Coconut Sugar in Sweets
new to this
Never believed I could do it... but I have. Thanks to David!
Innocent Smoothies & Processed Meat
Appetite Control
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Vegetarianism and the fructose free diet
If you strive to look young and be always healthy, the main key is a vegetarian way of life, if you have doubts about it, follow this source to change your mind and find out more about vegetarianism
Sugar-free fruit spread
Is there such a thing as sugar-free fruit spread?

I have recipes from the Gawler Foundation Cookbook.

Obviously I would have to omit any dried fruit or honey.

One other sweetener is



Sugar free jam sounds like a straight lie [looking at packaging. it
seems that concentrated fruit juice somehow isn't sugar, or there are
some artificial sweeteners instead].

What about sugar-free fruit spread?

Hello everyone,
So I Sunday was my last sugar day. Monday and tuesday were fine, i thought to myself hey this withdrawal period is a piece of cake, then yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks! massive headache, very cranky, very unfocused.

How long did your withdrawal last?
Best Uses of Organic Coconut Sugar in Sweets
Bulk organic coconut sugar is light brown in color and all natural sweeteners that taste a bit like brown sugar.  Organic sugar is used to sweeten your favorite beverages, sauces and dishes.To know More:  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
new to this
but I binge on sugar so much 2ltr coke a day sometimes, packet of biscuits, chocolate bars its affecting my moods now

any one got nay tips??
Never believed I could do it... but I have. Thanks to David!
I have been addicted to sugar ever since I can remember - and I am over 50. Even when I was able to cut down, I still hung onto fruit juice, dried fruit and honey, sincerely believing them to be "good for me".

I bought "The Sweet Poison Quit Plan" months ago - probably more than a year ago, intending to read it when I had time, perhaps when I finished my degree, but I passed and gained a qualification, and started a new job, last August. Once my induction period was over, ...
Innocent Smoothies & Processed Meat
I'm new to all this, 10 days in, struggling a bit but sticking with it.

I have two questions if anyone has a moment to help me out :

1. Where do smoothies fit in to Fructose-Free Land? Taking something like this as an example :

obviously there is a lot of sugar, but does the fibre stay with the smoothie and null it out, at least to some degree?

2. Secondly, processed mea ...
Appetite Control
The soya meat and soy bean cheese are very close to beef by their amino acid composition, and they are the excellent source of protein for vegetarians.  Moreover, they are low-calorie: 300 kcal per 100 g of the product, agreeably. 100 g of soya meat and soy bean cheese contains 34 g and 52 g of protein. This kind of protein is well taken up. The runner beans, lentils, chickpea are also good sources of protein. They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus. There is lots of useful information ...
Hello, I fast for 12 hours per day and have my first "meal" at midday.  Since January I have shed 8 kg by logging calories into "MyFitnessPal" app... My first two meals of the day are protein bars.

They give me flatulence and are chock full of rubbish.  I'd like to make my own however I keep getting information that tells me I should be using "Vitafiber".  This sounds suspect as it is GMO and:

"Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) is a mixture o ...
A2 Milk
The lactose comes pre-digested as galactose and glucose (the two sugars which combine to make lactose).  This of course means that lactose intolerant people need no longer worry about their lack of enzymes.  As far as I can tell Zymil does not contain sucrose or fructose.
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