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Thank you so much, Mr Gillespie!
Hello from a four-month quitter
WARNING : long first post!
Potato chips for me ...not :-(
How do I use this forum?
About to give in due to no weight loss
another newbie
Hi another UK newbie here
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Thank you so much, Mr Gillespie!
I would very much like to thank David Gillespie for his fantastic book.  I read all of the usually quoted anti-sugar texts, and found Sweet Poison to be  very well positioned between the scientific side and the layperson's side.  

Four months after embarking on my sugar-free journey inspired and informed by these books, I am slim, healthy and I have my real life back.  I really couldn't have done it without this book.  

Regardless of how scientific or unscientific ...
Hello from a four-month quitter
Hello all.  I am four months into quitting sugar completely here in the UK.

Apologies for the very long post I have written in the Story Time section - ended up putting in a lot of thoughts, tips and experiences in by the time I had finished and didn't have the heart to chop out any of it - think it was a bit of a cathartic process writing it!

I have been lurking on here throughout my sugar-free journey and I would just like to thank all of you for all of your brilliant and inspirational ...
WARNING : long first post!
I quit sugar four months ago now.  I have been lurking on forums like this one throughout, but I thought I would now do a post to set out my experience in the hope that it will be of use to others embarking on the same scary, fascinating, life-changing journey.  My break with sugar was perhaps a pretty dramatic and extreme one, but I thought I would recount it for others when they are deciding which route to take for themselves.  

Having read most of the usual anti sugar texts, I decided one ...
Hi Dan,

How did the spreadable butter go
How do I use this forum?
I'd like to chat with whoever is online
How do I find the active Forum Chanel's here ?
Potato chips for me ...not :-(
I have only just read " eat real food " in it , David mentioned unflavored potato chips were ok . When I read the label , all were fried in seed oils. Does any one know , how many mg of seed oils is unacceptable and is there a preferred brand of potato crisps I can eat that don't blow the budget . I'm new .. Will order and read the fat book next ..
About to give in due to no weight loss
im wondering if perhaps your gut has absorbtion issues?
which means , no matter what you eat, the brain will not register any nutrients going in.
you can do gut peremeability tests, or try digestive enzymes and probiotics ?
Does any one know a specialist for gut absorbtion issues ?
another newbie
hi all have decided after reading all the books to go sugar free and hoping someone can give me tips as im a sugarholic!!! thanks.
Hi another UK newbie here
Bought the Sweet Poison Quit Plan and have read it through.  It made so much sense that I decided to start today and stop eating sugar/fructose.

Can I just check, do we aim for maximum 10g fructose/sugar a day?

I'm hoping to lose weight and stop having to take a nap every single day, its beyond annoying and dull.

So hi!

Question about judging fructose amount in USA (Attn David!)
Hey all. I'm about to take the Quit Plan plunge, and I had a question before starting.

David talks about choosing packaged foods with less than 1.5g of fructose "per 100 g."  Well, I wonder if the packaging standards in Australia are different than here in the States, because nutrition panels here don't list that specific fact.  Here they list the exact amount of each nutrient in however much of the food is included in the package, then its percentage of the "USRDA," or U. ...
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