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Hello from a four-month quitter
5kg of Nutella
another newbie
M&S 'Sugar Free' Sweets
Hi, I'm a chocoholic
Just a newbie to this no sugar
First day on the pkan
Fructose-free margarita!
Hi there
Confused with carbs
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
Latest Articles
5kg of Nutella
My DiL is diabetic but still buys me chocolate in all forms!!!
M&S 'Sugar Free' Sweets
I have some M&S Rhubarb & Custard Drops, the pack says they're sugar free but they contain Isomalt and Sucralose.  Is it OK to eat them please?
Hi, I'm a chocoholic
Or should I say sugarholic - it's the same thing really - so I'm here for support and encouragement. I shall try my best to return the compliment.
Just a newbie to this no sugar
Hi I'm three to four weeks into the no sugar concept and I went cold turkey. As a woman over fifty who loved her home made buns I thought I would find it really hard. Yes it is hard but it's been easier than I thought. First change I see is I no longer eating gaviscon tablets by the box I don't see any weight change so was wondering would that be my age ? Or am I eating too much
First day on the pkan
My first day on the plan was surprisingly easy and no choc cravings at all i hope it continues like this Very Happy
Fructose-free margarita!
8 months fructose-free now.  I have (thankfully) been yearning-free for many months, but the mince pies over Christmas did call to be a bit (unsuccessfully!) and I also miss the Margaritas I used to make for me and my wife on holidays.  This was made with tequila, triple sec, freshly-squeezed lime juice, lime cordial and water.  This was then "granita'd" - put in the freezer and regularly whisked until it became an icy sludge, then poured into well-chilled glasses.  They went down very ...
Hi there
I accidentally found this book sweet poison last week. We are now on day two, of no sugar living. As my partner has had cancer, I'm keen to ween us both  off
Sugar. Good luck to all
anyone do this in baby steps?
If so, how did you go about quitting?  Thanks!
Recipe swap.
With summer here in New Zealand I have just tasted my first Copper penny salad. It's very yummy. But when I read the recipe it's full of sugar. Can anyone help with a ideas for swaps?
Can of condensed tomato soup in the recipes online. Just not sure if we can swap it for something else. Can you help? Kathy
Confused with carbs
I haven't finished the book entirely yet, but am wondering where whole grains fit in?  I know carbs can be just as addicting as sugars, and they are all converted to sugar, but I haven't yet heard anything about them being off limits. Forgive me if this was obviously stated in the book and I just missed it!
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