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100% grass fed meat in Melbourne
Am I cold turkey??
Seeds ?
Help!!! Not successfull in substitute suagr for dextrose
through the withdrawl and out the other side
Sweet Potato
Tiredness after going cold turkey
bratwurst brand that's healthy
Day 1!
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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100% grass fed meat in Melbourne
Thanks for sharing this information. But it is not useful for me because I am not living in Melbourne. I also love to eat grass fed meat, we whole family really liked the grass fed meat. We purchase all the products from an online store which has a name American Farmers Network. I think it is best in whole America because of their best quality and certified meat products. We love them.
Am I cold turkey??
So just a quick Q from a newbie (2nd time rounder)... If I'm sticking to the theory of under 10g per day .... Does this mean I'm cold turkey? Or is this considered "cutting back"??

One other quick Q, I can't find dextrose anywhere in my local supermarkets. I'm looking in the sugar/flour isle and also the health food/gluten free sections but can not find it... Any tips where it could be hiding? And is coconut sugar ok?

Sorry, that kind of turned into 3 Q's.

Thanks in advance & ...
Seeds ?
Hi, are seeds ok to eat in moderation. I have been having a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds sprinkle onto salads. Thanks  Very Happy
Help!!! Not successfull in substitute suagr for dextrose
Hello all....
I am attempting to make scones utilizing dextrose instead of sugar. In my first attempt I tried to up the wet ingredients and lower the dry ingred. a bit (like David suggested in his book) but they didnt rise like the sugar version did. like they just kind of blobbed out and didnt hold their shape.
Here is the original recipe:
2 3/4 c flour
3 1/2 TBS sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 sticks butter
3/4 c heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup lime jui ...
bratwurst brand that's healthy
Wanted brand names of healthy sausages.
Tiredness after going cold turkey
I'm on day 3 and I'M SO VERY TIRED! All the time! I'm so glad I'm off work. I've been sleeping almost as much as my cat!

Anyone else get this when they quit? If so how long did it last? I'm meeting a girl tomorrow that I'm going to be living with when I move to Italy next month and I don't think falling asleep in my sugar free lunch will make a great first impression!
Hello all.
Today I went and bought myself a lovely brown sourdough loaf, it really is yum!

I checked the nutritional information on the Morrison's website and it says 1.2g of sugar per slice but the bread I was eating before was Warburton's farmhouse which is 0.7g per slice.

So, which is better? The Warburton's one likely has all sorts of other preservatives in it but I can't see anything on the ingredients list that says 'sugar' to me.
Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Salt, F ...
Sweet Potato
I just had a baked sweet potato with cheese for lunch but it was huge. When I tracked it with my fitness pal it said it was 16.8g of sugar! The book said all veg was ok so I didn't think much of it. How much of that will have been fructose?
I read on an earlier post that the sugar in sweet potatoes is mostly glucose. Have I used my full fructose allowance for the day?
I weighed it on my slightly dodgy scales and it was about 400g!
Help...Brand new here today and have some questions.
Hello I am new to this forum and to quiting sugar. I have read the Sweet Poison book and am currently reading the Sweet Poison Quit Plan and am on day 3 of my own journey to quiting sugar. I have a couple of questions though.
I purchased a bag of dextrose and am using that in my coffee and tea. Other then that I am not consuming any fructose. There are sugars in some bread I am eating but its a very small amount and the book said to try and not go over 10g a day. But does this include fruit?
through the withdrawl and out the other side
Itís been about 4 months since i stopped eating sugar. Now I realize why so many posts stop after a month or two. Its because really once the cravings stop (for me about3-4 weeks) well, then itís just getting rid of the snacking habits and after that it just feels totally normal not eating sugar and not even desiring it at all. Theres not the same stress involved as when you start. And its true bit by bit you realize you are eating less cos you just arenít hungry. Iíd say it took around three mo ...
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