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New to Sugar-Free
Fresh face
When will I stop feeling so hungry?!
Lactose free cream
New to sugar free, Uk based
Sugar Free, IBS and fats
Blood test results
A new start
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Fresh face
Hi everyone! I'm a 21 year old from Australia and read Sweet Poison and the Sweet Poison Quit Plan over the weekend - got so hooked on the horror I couldn't put them down!

My sugar free life starts today!

Any tips/tricks any of you have would be much appreciated  Very Happy

- Grace
Just found this webpage/blog on stevia
When will I stop feeling so hungry?!
Hi everyone,

Having just read SPQP for the second time, I've been fructose-free now for over 5 weeks - since 1st Jan when I decided to start a new phase as I was behaving very strangely around sugar! I'm was fine if I didn't have any, but as soon as I did, I turned into an out-of-control bingey monster who could eat an enormous amount in one sitting and would then struggle to get back to being 'good' - the way of life David outlined in the book sounded like just what I needed to get things ba ...
This yoghurt reports 5.6g of sugar. Seems low and it's really tasty. According to the A2 website it contains A2 proteins rather than A1(?)
Does anyone know much about this yoghurt and it's associated protein? Is it any good?
New to sugar free, Uk based
Hi all. I started my sugar free life 5 days ago and so far all is well. I haven't been hungry, haven't felt any overwhelming urges for sugar and haven't overeaten. I feel a bit under the weather today, exhausted, achey, runny nose but maybe I just have a cold!

I just wanted to check my approach so far to make sure I'm on the right track. I have basically not eaten anything with sugar as an ingredient. I've been having porridge, puffed rice, or weetabix for breakfast. For lunch, baked potato ...
Blood test results
Good on you radishes! Great news about the tests! Keep it up you'll feel the benefits even more Wink
Lactose free cream
Is this okay?  No sugar added - just the enzyme to stop the lactose having any effect.
New to Sugar-Free
Monday was my quit day, and I've stuck to it pretty well.  I have been quite horrified by some of the sugar content in things I considered healthy, and things where there is obviously no need for it.

Monday and Tuesday seemed almost too easy, and I'm a bit worried that I'll get complacent and mess up, but the Dr Karg crackers and raw carrots have been my workplace life-savers when everyone else seems to be sucking on a biscuit or mars bar.

I know not all days will be as easy as Mon and Tue ...
sugar free in jakarta??!
I'm back! Me and my husband have just moved to Jakarta from Spain! After being sugar free for nearly a year I felt great when I left Spain....even felt really slim! ( it took a while for that but definitely happened)but here in Jakarta its been challenging. Lots of things in restaurants have sugar in even if it doesn't say on the menu! Even rice sometimes! And sourdough doesn't exist. And they don't even have fresh yeast to make our own bread!! And where on earth can I buy dextrose here??!! Ok, ...
Sugar Free, IBS and fats
I became sugar free in May 2014. I have been an infrequent sufferer of IBS but from about Sept/Oct 2014 by IBS has become a weekly occurrence and more painful than ever. I read on an IBS facebook support page that fats can make IBS worse and I'm wondering if removing the sugar and opting for the fuller fat options is now having an adverse affect. Would it really take 4 months for that to kick in? Does anyone have any similar experiences? or advice?
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