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feel better off seed oil?
i think I've got it sussed, but....
Daily safe limits
How To Become unaddicted to Sugar
A week without sugar, and have a few questions...
recipe directions for ice-cream just using glucose?
Eczema cured
Help during withdrawal - can I use dextrose/rice malt syrup?
New Book - The Sweet Poison Quit Plan
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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feel better off seed oil?
I got the Big Fat Lies book today, and am curious to know whether any of you who have given up seed oils have felt any noticeable improvement in how you feel.

Anyone with this experience?

i think I've got it sussed, but....
Good morning!
Just a week into my FF journey. Not feeling any cravings yet. I have some fresh Anzac bikkies to get me through the weekend.
A couple of queries for all you dedicated people:
1. Rice malt syrup and dextrose =FF  honey and sugar?
2. I'd peanut oil OK for cooking? I have bought some coconut oil but it's pretty expressive.
3. How do I use the coconut oil?
4. How do I use coconut flour? As a substitute for plain flour?

I've been hunting through Woolies, Coles and health ...
Daily safe limits
Hello all,

Basic question here.

What are our safe daily limits meant  to be?
How much fructose is okay? 10 grams? Less?

For polyunsaturated fats : Real Food p 53
it's likely we require around 1.5 grams of omega-3 and 1.5 grams of omega-6 every day....You won't need to supplement with omega-3 if you Eat Real Food. And as long as you're judicious with your use of nuts and seeds, you won't go too far north of 15 grams of omega-6. Even if you do overshoot, there's no evidence to sug ...
How To Become unaddicted to Sugar
I am living without sugar for a few weeks now, and I'm feeling great.

I got all I need to learn in a free sugar quitting program I found.

Here it is if someone needs an extra push in the sugar quitting process:

I'm doing it with my boyfriend so it's really easier when you're not alone.

I'm looking forward to learn more and more about sugar, especially from sweet poison.

My breakfast is mostly Greek yogurt, with minced flax seed, a handful of almonds and sesame.

Sometimes I add soy beans and sunflower seed instead, and a pinch of salt.

It keeps me full until my lunch for sure  Very Happy
A week without sugar, and have a few questions...
I finally decided to quit sugar!

It's not my first time but it is hard anyway.

I started following a program that my friend suggested and it works well.

I'm just confused about one part..

I'm working out every day, I lift heavy weights and I do a lot of cardio.

My question is:

Can I get the same energy for my training out of the healthy fats?

I'm afraid that I'l start burning muscles.

I'm glad that I found this forum, and I hope I'll manage to make my life beautiful even ...
Eczema cured
sdee... I used to be a high sugar consumer. I had a very physical life style and the sugar gave the energy I needed, I had no allergies whilst on high sugar diet, daily sugar consumption would vary but 2 -3 table spoons brown sugar at breakfast, large coffee with 3 teaspoons sugar, a normal low sugar lunch, dinner was followed by a large bowl of ice cream topped with 2 or 3 table spoons of more brown sugar and to follow 3 or 4 beers.
Retired now and for obvious reasons the sugar had to stop.
Help during withdrawal - can I use dextrose/rice malt syrup?
So to clarify, if you go cold turkey on the sugar, you can straight away add dextrose? Confused a little...
recipe directions for ice-cream just using glucose?
Hello! Has anyone here successfully made ice-cream just using liquid glucose? I wasn't able to find powdered dextrose, not in smaller 1 kg bags anyway, and I didn't want to make a mess of things as the ingredients are quite expensive. I thought I'd try chocolate ice-cream, and I've got the ice-cream maker, a 2LT Cuiseinart, dutch processed cocoa, double cream, etc so I'm all ready to go but worried that the ice-cream mightn't set properly as the glucose looks really sticky. I'd really appreciate ...
New Book - The Sweet Poison Quit Plan
Oh no.. I must be a thread killer! No-one has posted since I did.. last year  Shocked
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