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sugar free in jakarta??!
Sugar Free, IBS and fats
Dextrose confusion?
A new start
New Year Newbie
Seeds ?
"healthy" Breakfast cereals
To dextrose or not to dextrose???
Newbie on the block
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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sugar free in jakarta??!
I'm back! Me and my husband have just moved to Jakarta from Spain! After being sugar free for nearly a year I felt great when I left Spain....even felt really slim! ( it took a while for that but definitely happened)but here in Jakarta its been challenging. Lots of things in restaurants have sugar in even if it doesn't say on the menu! Even rice sometimes! And sourdough doesn't exist. And they don't even have fresh yeast to make our own bread!! And where on earth can I buy dextrose here??!! Ok, ...
Sugar Free, IBS and fats
I became sugar free in May 2014. I have been an infrequent sufferer of IBS but from about Sept/Oct 2014 by IBS has become a weekly occurrence and more painful than ever. I read on an IBS facebook support page that fats can make IBS worse and I'm wondering if removing the sugar and opting for the fuller fat options is now having an adverse affect. Would it really take 4 months for that to kick in? Does anyone have any similar experiences? or advice?
Dextrose confusion?
If anything, check out the local homebrew shop or health food shop 1st. Support an independent business, as the product will be fresher. They were once responsible for 90 % of retail jobs in Australia. The more small businesses that go under the more that are 'surviving' on Newstart.
A new start

I thought I'd introduce myself as today I'm starting my sugar free life, im very hopeful of the future as I've been dreadfully addicted to sugar since I was a child and cannot think of the future carrying on as I have been.

I had my first coffee of the day without sugar and then another...hey, it wasn't bad at all 😄

My sister spoke to me about the sweet poison book which I then bought, I'm only on the first chapter so a lot to learn, she has been sugar free for a while no ...
Sushi rice vinegar is really high in sugar. I have a bottle that has 7.4g in a 20mL serve. The first ingredient is sugar. I am uncertain as to how the rice would be prepared commercially in the sushi chains.
However, I looked up the nutritional information for a major sushi chain here in New Zealand and their regular salmon sushi has 16.6g of sugar for a serving!! I always thought that I was choosing a healthy option with sushi but it seems as if I am mistaken.
New Year Newbie
Hi Everyone,
I picked up David's book whilst Christmas shopping and finished it in two days, I couldn't believe I'd finally found an alternative to 'dieting', which have left me going up and down in size for all of my life. On New Year's Day my fella and I are going to go 'Cold Turkey' and soooo looking forward to feeling better and loosing weight to boot. Wish us luck! Happy New Year everyone! x
Seeds ?
Just saw this...why the concern about seeds?  I thought David said that there is no bad nut, so I assumed this applies to seeds, too.  Haven't seen the book.  Should I?

To dextrose or not to dextrose???
I had exactly the same question and I'm still a little confused. I enjoy making things for my kids lunchboxes but not sure if I can swap my baking right away, or does everyone have to go through the withdrawal first. How long should I wait for my children to be off fructose?
Attending French High Tea
Hi all,
I was wondering how anyone has dealt with attending a high tea. I have a birthday coming up and we are going out for afternoon tea. The place is French and has some amazing looking dishes. Should I only consume the savory options?
Newbie on the block
Hi everyone,
I'm working my way to starting my sugar free life. I've heard about it for a while and after lots of research and asking around, I'm just about there. I've started listing my sugar weakness times and identifying foods in my cupboard which have to go, but I'm pleased that for the most part, we are pretty low on sugar anyway. My hardest thing will be no dessert!
Wish me luck!

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