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Appetite Control
A2 Milk
Losing weight and building muscle.
How To Become unaddicted to Sugar
Confused with carbs
5kg of Nutella
Hello from a UK Newbie
is flaxseed oil ok?
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Appetite Control
The soya meat and soy bean cheese are very close to beef by their amino acid composition, and they are the excellent source of protein for vegetarians.  Moreover, they are low-calorie: 300 kcal per 100 g of the product, agreeably. 100 g of soya meat and soy bean cheese contains 34 g and 52 g of protein. This kind of protein is well taken up. The runner beans, lentils, chickpea are also good sources of protein. They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus. There is lots of useful information ...
Hello, I fast for 12 hours per day and have my first "meal" at midday.  Since January I have shed 8 kg by logging calories into "MyFitnessPal" app... My first two meals of the day are protein bars.

They give me flatulence and are chock full of rubbish.  I'd like to make my own however I keep getting information that tells me I should be using "Vitafiber".  This sounds suspect as it is GMO and:

"Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) is a mixture o ...
A2 Milk
The lactose comes pre-digested as galactose and glucose (the two sugars which combine to make lactose).  This of course means that lactose intolerant people need no longer worry about their lack of enzymes.  As far as I can tell Zymil does not contain sucrose or fructose.
Losing weight and building muscle.
So, I have been on a low calorie diet for about 3 months now and I've lost 50 lbs. I'm honestly only taking in 700-1000 calories a day. I know it's super low, but I don't really feel like it's having a negative effect on me in any way. I'm wanting to start building muscle, but I'm afraid if I eat more, I'm just gonna gain more fat because I would be intaking more calories. Is this something I should be afraid of? Or will all the food go directly into my muscle?
Hello from a UK Newbie
Hi everyone. I'm Sarah, and I've been mostly fructose free since the WHO guidelines for added sugar were revised down to around 6 teaspoons per day for adults around the middle of last year.

My partner and I have been gradually tweaking our diets to remove as much fructose as we can, as well as limiting processed food, seed oils and refined flour. We've never felt better.

I'm currently reading David's first book, and have the Quit Plan next on my "to read" pile.  Smile
I have found that I nearly always at least halve the sugar/dextrose when baking something as it ends up too sweet otherwise (mostly a 1/3 now). I don't usually eat sweets, and usually just cook it for the benefit of others, as if I served up something I considered sweet, they would probably pull faces.  
Not sure about the marshmallows as the dextrose probably forms part of the structure.  It really is a case of try it.  Let us know if you have success with lowering the dext ...
How To Become unaddicted to Sugar
Hi all. Kristofer is the name I am a newbie to the site. Have been a real sweet tooth all my life. Last October I was diagnosed as being a borderline DIABETIC. So I am after all the advice on ridding my diet of harmless sugar. I am already sweetening my tea and coffee with Stevia. That is a start I believe. Any advice will be appreciated.
is flaxseed oil ok?
Is this a good oil?
Excessive hunger?
Hey Hey, I just jumped on the sugar free train. I'm on Day 3 and the headaches are killing me but i'll survive.

My main issue is the amount i'm wanting to eat, god I'm hungry all the time, probably doesn't help that I'm unemployed. Is this normal? Does it go after a while? Should I try and hold back? Any advice, would be great.

Tends to be Ham and Scrambled eggs for breakfast, chicken and veg for lunch and then a meatfree stir fry in the evening. Might snack on some ham or something at som ...
Withdrawal period
Hi guys,
I'm Day 12 of going sugar free and I just wanted to check how long the withdrawal period should be?
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