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Help! Confused about yoghurts.....lactose/glucose contents
a chain smoker
bad credit loans
withdrawal headache
Rice Malt Syrup at Woolworths
Web site for Fructose Malabsorbtion
In week 7 no sugar
Blood test results
Blood test results
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Help! Confused about yoghurts.....lactose/glucose contents

This may be a silly question, but I am a big yoghurt eater and find plain yoghurt to be way too tart to enjoy. Has anyone come across a way to sweeten it (without fructose) that tastes any good?
a chain smoker
I am bad habit of smoking and I am like a chain smoker. I have heard about blu cig which is quite better than normal cigarette. Is that really true? I need some suggestion for LOEC. Thank you
bad credit loans
Hello, I am searching for a website which deals with bad credit loans. I found this site Is any users from this forum have used their service. If yes, please can you suggest me.
withdrawal headache
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am wondering how you cope with the headache. I've been off most forms of sugar for two weeks but during the second week the headache has hit like an anvil. Friends have told me to push through it but is there something besides pills to ease the ache.  Crying or Very sad
Web site for Fructose Malabsorbtion
Just bumping up as I believe it to be a good source of information. also I love the name  Laughing
Rice Malt Syrup at Woolworths
Just noticed that our Woolworths is now stocking Pure Harvest Rice Malt Syrup.
In week 7 no sugar
Hi I've started my sugar free life style on the I quit sugar 8 week program and then one of my friends gave me the sweet poison quit plan. Its got exactly the same aim. Just one question in week six we are again introduced to sugar in the form of fruit. She also has recipes where she uses rice malt syrup. Is this ok to use with your program as well. I would like to continue not eating sugar but allot of her recipes has this in it instead of sugar? After the 8 weeks I would like to use your recip ...
Blood test results
hi radishes here!  i probably should have posted this here instead of Story time.

I am so excited about my blood test results!  My triglycerides went from 278 to 77! My HDL cholesterol [the good stuff] went up 10 points.
My PCP tells me all blood work good and i have lost 12 lbs. in the 13 weeks i have abstained from added sugar and fructose.

Thanks again David for your books

Be blessed today everyone
Blood test results
hello everyone!  radishes here from the U.S.

I got my blood test results today and my triglyceride count went from 278 to 77!  Everything else in good shape according to my PCP!  my HD levels have gone up over 10 points.  
So excited to see the terrific change in my life due to no added sugar and no fructose!

regards to all and hope you are as successful as i am.
"healthy" Breakfast cereals
I have Food For Health Fruit Free Clusters as my breakfast cereal. It's completely fructose free and tastes fantastic!!! I love to put it on my yoghurt to give it a little extra crunch Smile
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