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Dextrose at Big W
Hey There!!!!
Day 1 - take 2
Lactose free cream
7 Months in: Young again!
Hi from Lindilou
Ugh - caved in to sugar cravings when I was ill...
sugar free in jakarta??!
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Dextrose at Big W

I went to a Big W today in the Melbourne area in the hope of stocking up on the Brigalow 1kg bags (I usually buy up to half a dozen bags at a time) but there was only one bag left in what looked like a bit of a sparse brewing section and when I enquired about more stock I was given the impression that they weren't planning on re-stocking.

Now, this could've been incorrect information by the person at the Information desk but if it is true then it is bad news as everywhere else I have lo ...
I am absolutely loving this sugarfree lifestyle! Yes I had the headaches, the urge to fly kick anyone who came within a metre of me with something sweet and huge softdrink withdrawls in the first week but I got through it and am relishing in learning about this new lifestyle.
Google is my new best friend and my bedside table is also overflowing with books. I feel as though this journey is like a thousand piece puzzle and currently I am only able to put a few pieces together but each day I am ab ...

I am 5 weeks into quitting sugar and up until today I have used rice malt syrup to sweeten up my recipes when baking. However today I finally decided to move onto Dextrose powder.
I made marshmallows tonight for the kids and holy mother of all things sweet, these nearly blew my mind not to mention my taste buds. The recipe asked for 2 cups of dextrose (is that normal) but I will try making them again with only 1/2 cup.
My question is, should I stick to Rice Malt syrup or is dextrose be ...
Hey There!!!!
My name is Jess and I've just began my journey into the world of quitting sugar. I don't have a personal chef or a huge shopping budget, I'm time poor, I have a hubby who works away from home and a 6yr old and 1yr old to try and keep alive. I have spent a lifetime on a diet and have been known to eat a family jar of Nutella in one sitting and then ask what's for dessert? I am so happy to have found this forum because I seriously have been winging it.
I like so many people who have access ...
Day 1 - take 2
So I am back... after 4.5 years of being away. I went sugar free at the end of 2010 and lasted 11 months. I am actually not sure how I got back to eating sweet stuff, but once I was, I couldn't stop myself.

One cancer battle later, I've decided enough is enough... again.  My new sugar free life begins now. I hope that if I report here regularly it will make me accountable.
7 Months in: Young again!
This is my story...

For years I'd been worried. Unhappy about my slowly expanding waistline and feeling like I was on an inescapable treadmill towards diabetes and other illnesses. I had a young baby, got very little sleep, ached constantly and managed to get through the day on a roller coaster of sugary treats and huge energy crashes. I was never full, never satiated and hated the hollow feeling of hunger in my throat soon after eating. I was 30 and felt like my health and youth were behind ...
Hi from Lindilou
Hi, I am Lindilou and I have had eczema on my back all my life. I am 56 years of age. I noticed a post by Beebee on "PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:08 pm    Post subject: Eczema cured" refering to a book by someone named 'David'.

Can anyone tell me what this book is called so I can buy a copy?

I live in Mid Wales and I hope I can get some help on this forum.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Lindilou. ...
Ugh - caved in to sugar cravings when I was ill...
After 2 months sugar free (3% sugar or less only) I got ill and had amazingly strong and unexpected sugar cravings and caved in to them.  'One' thing led to a weekend of back to my old routine, and just had a horrible night, tossing and turning, mind working at 100 mph, anxiety back, horrid taste in mouth, bad headache, nightmares.  Full blown rubbish.

If I needed any incentive to stick at the sugar free way, then this was it.  Back to it this morning.
Fresh face
Hi everyone! I'm a 21 year old from Australia and read Sweet Poison and the Sweet Poison Quit Plan over the weekend - got so hooked on the horror I couldn't put them down!

My sugar free life starts today!

Any tips/tricks any of you have would be much appreciated  Very Happy

- Grace
Just found this webpage/blog on stevia
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