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Hi another UK newbie here
Question about judging fructose amount in USA (Attn David!)
Appetite Control System
been tryingto loose weight
A Quick Look at anew kind sugar
Hi all, I'm Jane and I gave up sugar and grains last year
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Hi another UK newbie here
Bought the Sweet Poison Quit Plan and have read it through.  It made so much sense that I decided to start today and stop eating sugar/fructose.

Can I just check, do we aim for maximum 10g fructose/sugar a day?

I'm hoping to lose weight and stop having to take a nap every single day, its beyond annoying and dull.

So hi!

Question about judging fructose amount in USA (Attn David!)
Hey all. I'm about to take the Quit Plan plunge, and I had a question before starting.

David talks about choosing packaged foods with less than 1.5g of fructose "per 100 g." †Well, I wonder if the packaging standards in Australia are different than here in the States, because nutrition panels here don't list that specific fact. †Here they list the exact amount of each nutrient in however much of the food is included in the package, then its percentage of the "USRDA," or U. ...
Appetite Control System
Eating at a caloric deficit for extended periods isnít just physically difficult, but also mentally. Battling hunger cravings can be frustrating because youíre often fighting both brain and body, trying to convince them that no, you donít actually want to eat that brownie.

Luckily there are several methods, backed by scientific evidence, that can help curb hunger cravings.

Fiber and the volume of food
The body naturally produces a variety of peptides and hormones that suppress hunger.
been tryingto loose weight
The following tips can help you to lose weight.

1) Eat six small meals a day. Stoking your body with food every three to four hours can rev your metabolism to the max.
2) Run 10 100-yard sprints and burn up to 500 calories.
3) Wait 20 minutes before going for seconds.
4) Throw on a hoodie before working out. When your muscles are warm, you actually burn more calories.
5) Use a smaller dinner plateóitíll limit how much you can pile on.
6) Use a blue dinner plate. Studies show the color ha ...
I have been reading books about fructose and sugar since seeing that Sugar Film. I have just finished Sweet Poison and I have been sugar free now for about a month. I am amazed how much calmer I feel. This is an unexpected bonus. My head is clearer. I used to "hit the wall" at work at about 1:30 but now I find I am thinking more clearly. All in all, it seems to make sense to me. I feel like it is something I had been looking for. I would like to lose about 6kgs but I am in no big ...
I'm so happy to have discovered this forum.
I am literally on DAY ONE.
I am a recovered alcoholic. I have been sober for 3 years. Since giving up the turps I have slowly but surely become totally addicted to sugar to the point where I now have HUGE binges in my car and then hide the evidence.
I am also Bipolar which is the main reason I gave up alcohol. I rarely have panic attacks now which is great.

OK. This is really really hard for me. I am hopeless when it comes ...
A Quick Look at anew kind sugar
What is Stevia extract?

It is an extract of the Stevia rebaudiana plant that is found in tropical regions of the world. It has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener and is being as seen a healthy alternative to sugar. While there are other sweeteners available, most of them are artificial whereas stevia is a completely natural extract.

Benefits of Stevia:

a. Lowers Blood pressure: High blood pressure is a contributing factor for many dangerous diseases including stroke, heart d ...
Here we go.  Inulin also known as inulin, whose chemical name is the aggregation of fructose, which is extracted from the feverfew such as Jerusalem artichoke tubers or chicory, is a mixture of fructo-oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Inulin has the function of falling blood sugar, falling blood lipid.
Hi all, I'm Jane and I gave up sugar and grains last year
It is the best thing I could ever have done for my health. I was in menopause and never feeling particularly good. It sounds contrived but I did just wake up one morning and decided to quit both sugar and grains. Of course I had read 'Sweet Poison' and was guided through the first weeks by Sara Wilson. I have lost 10kg down to 53kg now and haven't looked back.
Sugar free soft drinks
Thanks for the information. I tend to buy from

They have high standards in health foods and write really good articles on health products promoting false advertising etc.
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