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that taste sweet or semi-sweet
stop by sweets addiction
Another newbie
been tryingto loose weight
Soy milk - one more time
Facts on Wikipedia about Fructose
Round two by a first time user
Day 3 & feeling good
Just starting out - my day(s) so far!
Sugar content of milk powder
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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that taste sweet or semi-sweet
I'm trying to write a story and need to find a list of poisons that taste sweet or semi-sweet. I know that antifreeze does, but I'm having trouble finding anything else. If you can give me the element or medication or what have you, I can research the rest to write.
stop by sweets addiction
How can I stop by sweets addiction? I am 30 and love sweets, specially jelly beans and chocolates and I have been going to the gym very often but my little belly wont go away and I think it coukd be because I cant stop eating sweets/candies/chocolates everyday.
meals recipes ~ recipes for food ~ recipes for dinner
Soy milk - one more time
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Facts on Wikipedia about Fructose
Leptin - Interactions with fructose
The consumption of high amounts of fructose is suggested to cause leptin resistance and elevated triglycerides in rats. The rats consuming the high-fructose diet subsequently ate more and gained more weight than controls when fed a high-fat, high-calorie diet.These studies, however, did not control against other monosaccharides or polysaccharides, therefore leptin resistance may be a ...
Day 3 & feeling good
Hi! I am from New Zealand and am a single parent of two. I have had food/weight issues since I was 14 years old (am now 42). Went sugar free 3 days ago and apart from nasty headaches am feeling really good! My daughter made a six layered cake with butter frosting and I was not even tempted, which for me is a miracle in itself! I am hoping I will finally conquer my weight issues and be able to live like a 'normal' person, not obsessing over food any more. So far - so good  Very Happy
Sugar content of milk powder
As part of the beginning of the rest of my fructose free life I've dusted down my bread machine and started making my own bread omitting the sugar from the recipes and using strong brown flour with the lowest sugar content that I can find (1.7%).

One thing that puzzles me is the sugar content of the milk powder that all the recipes require - it's 50% sugar! Is that likely to be 50% lactose or do I deduct 4.7% for the lactose and assume that all the rest is fructose?
The supermarket is cluele ...
Round two by a first time user
Hi everyone,

I never read Sweet Poison, but have now read SP Quit Plan twice. The first time, I wasn't real serious about it but lost a few kilos then failed miserably. On another occasion, through near starving myself on a self-imposed diet (still eating sugar), I got down to 92kg.

Now I'm 110kg, and really have to do something about my weight. Lots of other problems are showing up and I blame my waistline.
Really doing my best to stick to it this time. Have been 4 days sugar-free and ...
been tryingto loose weight
I have been tryingto loose weight and had been doing well eating oatmeanl t breakfast and soup for lunch ad only meet and veggies for dinner and fruit and veggies for snakcs. But I'm so addicted to sweets and fast food. I love burgerking and ice cream and chocolate andi just have such a hard time staying awy from it. I bought some sugar free candy but looking at it its not a hell of a lot healthier that normal candy.
Another newbie
Hi there - just started this no sugar way of life, was such a relief to read Daniel's book Sweet Poison. I've always admitted being a chocoholic, but to realise I am also addicted to sugar was a great relief. At least now I can understand years of stalking the kitchen cupboards with all the intent and fervour of a neolithic cave dweller desperate for his next meal. I eat the kids' sweetie tins bare and then restock them, hide the wrappers in the dustbin etc etc.
Have hated my lack of self cont ...
Just bought some Natvia because I realised that xylitol actually has 4g carbs per teaspoon which is half that of normal sucrose. No thanks. it tastes fabulous but as I am on a LCHF way of eating... 8 g of carbs per cup is way too high for me.

Apart from the gurgle gut! Rolling Eyes  Embarassed

Just had a taste of it on the tip of my finger and it seems to have a bitter after taste.. I'll see how it goes in coffee.

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