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Maria's corner - Ups & Downs
Hello, heres a bit about my experiences
Day 1!
Hi I am new and I am obviously a sugar addict
New Book - The Sweet Poison Quit Plan
Hello, from a student Dietitian
Calling UK members
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A place for people who have stopped killing themselves with fructose
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Maria's corner - Ups & Downs
Hello everyone *waves wildly*

My name is Maria, I'm 29 (actually 28, but turning 29 on thursday, hee hee) and I live in Denmark in a small town.

Here I live with my boyfriend Jan and our prescious baby - Kobra... Yes, he is a cat, haha Wink We don't have any real kids yet.

We moved in to our house this summer and are enjoying life in the country instead of living in a cramped up apartment in the city. Much less stress out here and less stress is indeed what I need.

I've been on sickne ...
I am 26 weeks without sugar and desserts.  I have done amazing things according to my PCP=Primary Care Physician=, but what i really want to tell you is the the stupid thing I did.
Yesterday I ate a slice of bread with creamcheese which i love.  Here is the stupid part!  I did not check the ingredients before I ate it.  Within a half an hour I felt like the room was spinning or that i had been caught up in a whirlwind.  Double vision and a monster headache came along for the ride.  This morning ...
Hello, heres a bit about my experiences
Hello everyone..

I'm Avi from India. I've been using sugar as a crutch since I was a kid as the thing I could use when I felt a sense of unease that could have been resolved in many healthier ways. Over the years I found more reasons than to want to use chocolates and sweets. Little was I aware that these beautifully wrapped and shaped foods contains more sugar than I ever needed. I didn't need the kinds of energy they were capable of providing. It was all about the stimulation. I started to ...
Day 1!
You can do this keep trying,I usually find running the quitter app on my pig me really helped you can see how far you have gone without the sugar.really good eye opener
Hey I'm Ellie
I am 28 and I am finally going completely cold turkey and quitting sugar for good. I have decided that I am going to go cold turkey because I have attempted to cut down gradually and have the best of world's before and its left me craving it more. So I am completely cutting it out my life.
So far I am 3 days and 15 hours into sugar free life style and I have so far managed to not eat sweets, chocolate or biscuits.
The other news is that I haven't eaten crisps or junk food.wooo
New Book - The Sweet Poison Quit Plan
I know that this has nothing to do with the book, but
I was visiting Newcastle sometime last year.
The Sweet Poison Cake shop/café has a sign  under their name
"cakes to die for"
Gave me the shivers!
I am told that the cakes are very more-ish and large portions
Hi I am new and I am obviously a sugar addict
Hi everyone
Im a newbie
hope I can find my way around this  forum threads ok

it was either find a support  forum such as this one and join
or am seriously thinking of going to find a medical hypnotist to try to help with my sugar issues Smile

Figured the support option would be best    

I called myself blossom face
cause I love flowers and also have a face  Very Happy
Hello, from a student Dietitian
hi, I am a health visitor from the UK on day one of giving up sugar. Having read Davids book I am so convinced that I feel that we need to explain to all new parents about the dangers of sugar.
Newborns are primed to only feed enough for their nutritional needs and if parents allow themselves to be guided by their baby there are not usually any problems.
The trouble starts with weaning when even well meaning parents go overboard on fruit juice and shop bought jars of pureed fruit which probab ...
i have read the book and really, really want to do it. I just have trouble imagining a life without chocolate.
I am 56 years old and my addiction has increased greatly since the menopause.
I am scared of withdrawal and still being able to work.
Should I try to time giving up so the worst of it falls over a weekend? Is that possible.

Any help and encouragement much appreciated.

Kaggy : Confused
Stevia Warning
I use stevia in homemade chcolate its great, however I wouldnt touch the supermarket processed white stuff, yuk, you need the green powder in its natural form or make yourself from the plant Smile
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