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anyone do this in baby steps?
Confused with carbs
Thank you so much, Mr Gillespie!
A Quick Look at anew kind sugar
Sweet Poison Cookbook not available in UK?
eat a whole block of chocolate
sugar free chocolate desserts recipes
make sugar cubes
low-calorie ( sugar-free) soft drinks
Factually inacurate
Licorice tea
To dextrose or not to dextrose???
Whole egg mayo - quitting sugar week 1
Question on use of glucose after withdrawal
You Tube video on Toxic Oil
Sugar giant admits fructose is bad...?
Toxic Oil on Sunrise
Glycemic index and Type 2 diabetes
YouTube video that will blow your mind
Desserts by David Gillespie
Translation of Coke ad
Rice and Potato
Sweet Poison Quit Plan
Big Tobacco law firms take on the HFCS labels
Does having a sugary "party" mean I have to start
SP cookbook
Toxic Oils
Just in case we forget...
Dr Lustig again
Did anyone catch David's no sugar story on Today Tonight?
Immune system isn't so good on sweet poison quit plan
Questions Arising from Reading Quit Plan
fructose vs glucose and blood sugar levels
Please make a bodybuilding version of your books
No Weight Loss !
Reagrding natvia side effects
Help cleaning put pantry and fridge!!!!!
i dont know if its possible. I dont think i can do it.
New Video - Children's version of The Bitter Truth
information that cannot be ignored
jalna biodynamic
What about the last four or five kilos?
jujst wantedto say thanks
Percent fructose in sugar?
Pink icing
My review
Constructive Criticism for the Quit Plan
Nestle Diet Yoghurt Question
The forgotten group: students
I cried this morning....
How many grams of fructose per day?
Rats, Poo, & Fructose
Fructose Alarmism
Fruit = Fructose = Starving + Sugar = Fat?
Which book to buy?????????
Chicory - in Tea
How did you hear about The Books?
Two fructose related news articles worth checking out
Ellen gives up sugar!
Where can I buy the book?
SweetPoison rebuttal on Ockham's Razor
Nice write-up in today's Courier Mail (Brisbane)
Great read and great thinking
"candida diet" misinformation
glucose syrup
Today Tonight (literally)
Thankyou for your book
Spreading the word
Food for thought
Best book ever
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