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Fructose free lunch box ideas

Does anuybody have any ideas for fructose free lunch boxes? My five year old has just started full-time school and loves his ham sandwiches but I'm finding it difficult to find other things for him to snack on. He usually has a peice of fruit, something soft like a banana because he's lost 3 front teeth in the last couple of weeks, and a drink of water.

something you could do for an occasional treat which is not completely fructose free (but alot better than the alternatives) and packed with fibre which will mitigate the fructose (like in fruit) is Carman's Original Fruit Free Muesli Bar -- 45g serve contains 3.2g of sugar which appears to be honey and glucose - so I am guessing 1g or less of fructose in a bar.  That serve also contains 4g of dietary fibre.

By way of comparison, a 150g apple (with skin) contains the same amount of fibre but around 7g of fructose.



Some ideas I have used recently for my five year old are:

Vegemite or ham & cheese scrolls.  Just spread vegemite and grated cheese or chopped ham and grated cheese on puff pastry (I am currently using a Pampas one - <1g of sugar per 100g), roll up, cut into about 1 dozen slices, baste with milk and egg (or just milk) and cook for about 10 minutes.  My son loves them for a treat in his lunchbox. (Don't use too much cheese because it spreads a lot in cooking).  These would also be nice and soft to eat without front teeth.

Ham and salad on a wholegrain pita bread rolled and cut into two or three pieces, held together with a toothpick (he loves that a toothpick holds it together).

Cut up carrot pieces and with some tzaiki or hommus (watch which one   because sugar content varies a lot) in a small container in their lunch box.  The carrots might be a bit hard at the moment for the teeth.

Popcorn which I pop in a brown paper bag in the microwave (with no additives).

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