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Bacon, Ham, Sausages Warning

Hi all

Reading the labels for ham, bacon and sausages is advisable.....all of them appear to contain sugar in greater or lesser amounts. I am guessing all luncheon meats will contain sugar.

I have found free range Otway bacon and ham to list only dextrose on their list of ingredients, so this product may be OK but I intend to keep an eye on it in case they alter their ingredients.



Yes!!  I went to buy our usual sliced ham today and noticed this too ...will look out for that brand, thanks Ann  Smile

I just looked up my Coles ham and it said under 1g of sugar per 100g and the Primo bacon shortcut said 1.2g of sugar per 100g.  Not that bad but heck why is there sugar added to bacon and ham?  They both say dextrose then sucrose in about 3rd and 4th order of ingredients.

Boy, I'll have to be better at reading labels!

Yes I heard or read about that somewhere (can't remember where sorry) but yes you are right, some pre packaged ham and bacon do contain sugar, it's to do wtih perserving the meat and making it last longer.  Definitely read labels!  Sausages should be ok you just need to keep an eye on flavours! I usually stick to plain good old beef.

you do wonder about food manufacturers - they put in artificial preservatives (nitrates) to preserve and add salt and sugar for the same purpose. i think it may also have to do with taste - poor quality ingredients to start with so no flavour.

and yet, our ancestors were able to preserve using salt and smoking only and the hams etc lasted for ages.

I just checked the Hans site and it says the sugar is 1.4g per 100g of ham (I'm referring to the "Country Fresh All Natural Ingredients" ham as it has no artificial nitrates as a preservative).
Clear Sight

Coles Deli Ham

We have always saved money by buying two to three kilograms of short cut, rindless bacon when it is on special in the Coles deli for $9 per kg.  We bag it with 5 slices per bag and freeze it.  This makes it cheaper to buy than ham off the bone. Not sure about the sugar content.

If it doesn't contain sugar then it's healthy!

As a child, we lived on a farm for a year and my parents set up a little smoker (I can smell it right now!) Yesterday I bought some smoked on the premises bacon from my butcher (rather than the supermarket) and oh my gosh! It's just like the stuff mum and dad used to make!! Pees all over that stuff from the supermarket

Our local butcher sells smoked ham... not sure if it's done there or not but OMG it was the yummiest ham I've ever tasted! Needless to say it didn't last very long.

Sugar in smallgoods

Sometimes sugar is just used to start fermentation - if it's less than about 1% in a food I don't eat big amounts of I don't worry too much

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