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Where I announce stuff ...
Not everyone is allowed FaceBook at work, so this is a place where I post stuff that appears on the Sweet Poison Facebook page:
Introduce yourself
Don't skulk around in the shadows ... come on in the water's fine.
Story Time
Tell us your story - How has going fructose free worked for you?
Sweet Poison
Discuss the book and what you thought of it.
Chocoholics Anonymous
Share the tricks you've learned to get you through sugar withdrawal
Fructose Free Foods
Not sure if that thing you like has fructose in it? Here's the place to ask.
Fructose Free Recipes
A place to share your latest fructose free creations
Bad Foods
Foods that caught you by surprise - they look innocent enough but beneath the surface is a seething pit of fructose ...
Meal Planner
A place to post ideas for fructose free meals
General Chit Chat
A place for talking about nothing in particular ... had a hard day avoiding fructose? Just want to chat? Here's the place.
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